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Babes and Books

Babes and Books

Looking for your next summer read? Wanna make some new friends and a fun bookmark for said book? Join us for our Babes and Books event!

Nashville Craft Party is hosting a book exchange for Nashville gals who want to find their next page turner. Just bring a fiction book from your library to exchange with other guests and take home something you’ve never read before. We’ll provide wine, appetizers, and craft supplies to make your next book mark!

+ Take what you bring- feel free to bring more than one book, you’ll get to take home as many books as you supply. Just call it a late Spring cleaning!

+ Admission: Guests must save their spot to attend this party- $10 includes unlimited wine (please lyft!), appetizers, and basic craft supplies for the bookmark. Only 10 spots available.

Babes and Books
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Babes and Books Party
Tuesday, June 25th, 2019 | 7:30 - 9 PM
The Craft House, East Nashville, TN

What’s included:
Basic craft supplies to make bookmark