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Meet the dreamer, crafter, and founder behind Nashville Craft Party, Taylor Chew.

Taylor Headshot

Nashville Craft Party was born out of a desire to make pretty things and meet new friends. I started hosting parties in 2016 because I had a lot of craft supplies and too many Pinterest boards. Throw in some yummy snacks, a glass or two of red wine, and good vibes, and you've got a party! After the first event sold out, I knew that there was something more to this.

My favorite thing about Nashville Craft Party is the friendships that develop and blossom out of each event. When I moved to Nashville in 2013, I was hoping for the chance to work with the creative community. I never dreamed I’d be growing one of my own.

When I’m not planning or hosting events, you can find me in the kitchen baking, surrounded by kids doing face painting, or just living life in East Nashville!